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Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, Norlit is a ceiling lamp made from 8mm thick tempered glass and either 120 or 200 cm in length, where the light illuminates only from the edge of the glass, while the rest of the glass remains transparent, since only the edges have a brushed finish and the body is left clear. It is suspended with two cables that are also used to power the lamp itself, which uses a single LED strip with 300 LEDs per meter. The combination of the powerful led strip and the play of surface treatment of the glass creates a light that is very bright while still being soft to the eye to look at.



L 120 x W 1 x H 12 cm

24V 24W 300 led/m

L 200 x W 1 x H 12 cm

24V 40W 300 led/m


Stainless steel and tempered glass

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Based in NoLo, Milan, MOLTOMENO.DESIGN is the brainchild of Giorgio Martino and

Samarth Kirloskar, the duo, an architect and industrial designer have collaborated to create a brand that goes by the ethos of “We create objects for better living. Aesthetically we subtract. Functionally we add.”

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