System XIX

table and chair

Using their nautical sport experience as inspiration, the system XIX table, unlike traditional tables bears just one stainless-steel leg in the centre, however, just like the mast of a boat, it has four diagonal stainless-steel tensioners, creating a tensile structure.

Having studied, prototyped and conducted CAD simulations of the various loads and forces acting on the table, Giorgio and Samarth were able to optimise the design of the table making it resistant to compressional and torsional forces. Meanwhile, the micro-lamellar beech wood top which is 2 meters long and 90 cm wide is tapered down at the edges to just 5mm thick to enhance the perception of lightness and clean minimal lines.

The System XIX chair is a tensile structure too, with both, the backrest and seat not being fixed but able to pivot around their mounting pipes, held into place with stainless steel cables. This allows the backrest to have some degrees of rotation when you lean back, adapting to the angle of your back. The System XIX chair comes in two versions, one with armrests and the other without, to adapt to different spaces and uses and can be tailored to have different widths.



L 200 x W 90 x H 76 cm -

System XIX Table


Stainless steel and a choice of wood.

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