Our new MATRIOSKA Mini Van is a versatile camper kit that transforms your vehicle into a comfortable camper with absolute ease. Designed for mini vans like the Renault Kangoo and Citroën Berlingo, it is adaptable to most station wagons and SUV's too! 
The kit comes with a kitchen that has two options for the length depending on your vehicle. The first is 71 cm long, as seen above. This configuration allows to have the refrigerator next to the kitchen even on tiny minivans like the Kangoo. The second option is a 105 cm long kitchen incase you want to mount the refrigerator some other place, as seen in the photos of vehicles below.
The kit also comes equipped with two bed sizes. The last of the three bed panels can be interchanged with either the wider or narrower panel to change the overall length of the bed, The narrower piece gives a total length of 153 cm to fit in small mini vans like the Kangoo while with the wider piece gives a total bed size of 180 cm and can fit bigger mini vans like the Berlingo perfectly.
The kitchen has a sliding drawer that can house single or double burner stoves and has ample space to store big, 3 kg gas cylinders.
The openable kitchen door can be used as a comfortable working top to help you cook and has a cut-out for a silicone portable folding camping basin which comes with the kit.
The bed panels can be entirely folded 180° giving you access to the main storage box of 105 x 60 x 40 cm where you can store all your luggage and camping equipment.
The beauty of this kit is that the bed is deigned to fold up and in this configuration the kit becomes only 119 cm long which can still leave you a lot of empty and useful floor space on vans like the Berlingo.
Last but not least, staying true to our MATRIOSKA concept, this kit is designed to fit one into the other while storing and transporting! The kitchen box fits entirely inside the main box so you are left with an extremely compact kit to store away when you aren't using it. The box is just 105 x 60 x 45 cm big, leaving aside the foldable 6 cm thick mattresses that come with the kit too, as seen in the pictures with the vehicles below.
Mini van
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