This MATRIOSKA kit stems from the needs of our client to have his vehicle equipped with a kit that can be used in two distinct travel configurations and which, above all, included these characteristics:
1. The need for an internal dinette table / bed
2. Traveling with more than one passenger - which meant being able to use the second row of seats - table / bed for 2 people
3. Being able to travel with a motorbike / bicycle / windsurf loaded inside the vehicle - without the second row of seats - table / bed for 2 people
4. Small kitchen without sink (whose dimensions are conditioned by the space occupied by his BMW motorcycle) and by the height of the reclined seats.
We created a kit that answered ALL these requests. When the second row of seats are in place, we used them in their folded configuration as a support for the bed when it needed to be opened. Along with this, the two back modules and the kitchen act like supports for the bed which allowed us to have a full size bed for two persons.
The second row of seats can be removed to have a large cargo space, to accommodate a motorcycle / bicycle / windsurf. In this case, the extra part of the bed has independent legs that support it instead of the folded seats.
The bed folds in half to become a table. The table has an adjustable leg that allows it to have variable height and also make it very easily removable when required.
Our technical partner Ferri Corse 4x4 prepared the vehicle for overland 4x4 adventures by upgrading it with new underbody skid plates, widened wheel tracks, a Webasto heating system, WiraMesh floor, new wheel rims, and an infotainment system.
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