Designed for an Italian cyber security company, this kit was made to transform their 4x4 van into a mobile office and demo room used during corporate events, and the concept revolves around fulfilling this need to it’s best.
We designed three professional flight cases, one for each of the two monitors and the other for three servers to be housed in. This allows our client to swiftly take out the three most expensive components of the kit for safety reasons, when the van is not being used.
The kit also includes a central workstation module and meeting room, which has a sliding table used for discussions, an open and a closed cabinet for storage, 31 litre refrigerator and a coffee machine. The back of the van has a 55 inch 4K monitor for digital promotional material and another storage console which houses other technical components.
The real challenge was configuring this beast to have enough power to run all the technical equipment on board while being autonomous for off-grid applications. To do this, the van is equipped with roof mounted solar panels, onboard transformer, inverter, 2 x 100 A batteries and has a petrol generator onboard. Air conditioning requirements will soon be met with a rooftop air conditioning unit.
Apart from this, we will soon mount a rooftop tent and side awnings that can be used during overnight journeys.
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